Ponce Inlet


Ponce Inlet is so beautiful it almost makes me cry. The Sea Oats on the way, seen from the beach access, with four lazy pelicans gliding over the water in their afternoon rendevous. Then the sweet arching oak trees reaching to glasps each other on the road down to Down the Hatch. So many memories of afternoon dinners with a fun crowd which too soon has dispersed in different directions. I would love to have the opportunity of having all of them, laughing, joking, and enjoying each other together. But yesterday, there was no Down the Hatch. A storm seemed to be brewing and I had no plans of becoming a lightening rod, so if I wanted to enjoy the lighthouse I needed to hurry.

So instead of going straight to Down Hatch, I made a left. Then there it was, the majestic red tower, which has guided so many to safe shores. The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse. You know I really wanted to go so I could get the right perspective for an elevated painting, but I suspect I also just wanted to get a chance to see the Atlantic that I will soon be crossing to Puerto Rico. And of course, I wanted to revisit old romps. So here are the pictures. I made it up those 203 steps, pausing and resting. I am soooooo out of shape and soooo overweight, but I am determined to lose at least 20 pounds this summer. Next time I hope to climb this lighthouse with ease. Until then, see ya later, baby!
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