Ponce Inlet 2


Though I am posting this first, it is actually the second half of my Ponce Inlet post. These pictures are some the curious sights that I spotted from my climb up the lighthouse. I didn't need to purchase the $1.25 certificate because I have a picture of me at the top as you have seen.

Isn't it an amazing sight? The last time I went up there I only stayed briefly. This time, I lingered and took a bunch of pictures since I do not know when I will come back. The intercoastal waterway, the single sailboat dashing through the waters, the lush Florida scrub with it cabbage and sawgrass palms and then the brilliant shore. What a respite. Ummm, I could be there for hours, but alas, everything that goes up must come down. But that is okay, there will be other beautiful days to come.
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