Flower Power, 60's style...

When I went to Puerto Rico recently, I couldn't help myself since it was the second time seeing it, and who knew if I would have another chance to take its picture. I couldn't help but laugh, it gave me such memories and joy. This retro Hippie Van parks right in front of my condo, and it so much fun to look at and I had to take its picture. I especially love the Snoopy up on the right, the Flower Power, and the LOVE sign. Did you see the curtains all around? They are actually happy faces. =)Some one who is alot of fun must be the owner, don't you think?
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Lil said…
Oh, peace and love, mannnn !
The wheels are waaaay coool. It is the greatest VW ever! Did you know that is my dream-mobile? I have a handful of VW "camper" pictures in my camera too ! But nothing comes close to the Peace Mobile you have here!
YES. The owner must enjoy life and would be great fun to sit down and talk to over a cup of tea, me thinks.
Thanks for the smile!
Lil K.
Elba said…
I'm laughing there with you!

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