Driving Around Apopka


Yesterday, I spent the day with Cassandra, my good friend from Apopka. Cassandra and I both had our children, Juan and Jillian attend school together, first at Apopka Memorial Middle School and then Apopka High School. Since we both attended the same small group and had teenagers we quickly became great friends and I still value her friendship dearly throughout these many years. Anyway, we rode around Apopka so I could see how much it has grown. Driving down Vicks road there were numerous new subdivision that almost reached right into Ponkan Road. Fortunately, Ponkan is still untouched and has a lot of its wild brush, but I don't think that will last very long if Apopka keeps developing at this rate. Its sad to see the old beautiful landscape disappear. I wish something could be done.

At a more positive note, Apopka High School is being rebuilt and it is turning out to be a state of the art facility. It looks very promising just from the outside. Take a peek.
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