A Funny Thing Happened on the Way Home

I was coming home from church and decided to cut through Maitland to get back on the East side of town, using Horatio Ave and then Howell Branch road as a connector to Aloma and then to the 417. The only thing was that I missed the turn on Horatio, and no u-turns were allowed so I decided to go down one of the side streets called Packwood. There I would turn around and get on Horatio, but the street was so serene and beautiful and I noticed there was a lake at the end and I started heading for it. Something caught my attention when someone stepped out of an unusal building on the right. To my surprise it was the Maitland Art Center, and I had been wanting to see some art today, and had actually thought of going to Museum of Art downtown,but instead, here was the Art Center. They had an art exhibition in the gallery by Barbara Tiffany. It was lovely to look at and see her complete mastery of light and perspective. She had beautiful tulip in hugh canvases, water scene, artists painting, several portraits including a baby, two sofa scenes that I found unique, and a calm riverbank view with a tree in yellow autumn colors. Bello! After seeing the exhibition and conversing with an artist in the shop, I went to look around the surroundings. In front of the shop and gallery they have what appears to be Aztec ruins, but it is really a Christian Chapel on one side and Aztec on the other for those who want to get married there. It was a real treat. Next week maybe I will finally go to the Orlando Art Museum. Cross my fingers.
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Elba said…
God is amazing, isn't He?

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