Saturday, September 04, 2010

Whatcha talking about?

Have you ever wondered what a new word means? You're not sure what some one just said and you are too embarrassed to ask? I'm not talking about words that can be easily looked up in a dictionary. I'm talking about words hot off the lips of a tween, teen, or a geek*. Of course there are context clues, but sometimes people don't give you much to go on and just the newness of a colloquial term takes you off guard.

Well, that happened to me today as I was reading a newspaper article and I wondered how they could use the word but here is the quote. "He didn't take off any fingers. I was pretty stoked (my own emphasis)about that." How could someone feel good about anything when he got two dozen stitches? I was confused. I wanted to think it was a positive remark but how could it?

So I googled the word stoked, and to my surprise it said:

"stoked" - adjective - to be "stoked" is to be completely and intensely enthusiastic, exhilarated, or excited about something.

So it was a positive comment.

There is a place on the web for words like these. It's called Urban Dictionary and you would be surprised how many different words are in it. Now a small caveat. This is an Urbandictionary, not a sanctioned and censured Merriam Webster Dictionary. This is a constantly and freshly evolving dictionary right there where people are talking. It can be blunt, harsh, and fresh. So for those with weak stomachs, tread carefully, and use only as needed. However, if you want to understand the latest jargon, the Urban Dictionary is the place.

For Geek Speak however you may go to the Geek Speak where you can find the latest on computer jargon.

Been Thinking

I visited the North Carolina official website and discovered a beautiful picture display of the state. There was a battle between the pictures and the quotes for which would garner more attention. So two quotes and one picture did it for me.

Written on a hopscotch game that extends as far as the eye can see on a sandy beach was the quote "some of your best excuses to be a child come after you've already had one." Now isn't that true? Have you ever had a child in your life? You can't communicate with a little one without contracting childhoodness. (The spell check just went crazy.) I don't think the word exists, but the idea is that you hold a child in your arms and immediately you are smittened with tenderness, sweetness, and joy which are all part of being a child. Then you want to play with them as soon as they grow up a little bit. It is a beautiful process, isn't it? Another reason to love children!

"Wisdom is realizing that catching up is more important than keeping up
." I suppose this quote it aimed at all those who are running the rat race. It is meant to make us think about the importance of relationships. Ironically, you have to stop and slow down to actually catch up. You need to listen and value others, and get on the same page when it comes to relationships. The picture that went along with this quote shows a couple standing still in the midst of movement rushing all around them. It is really nicely done.

You know how they say, a picture can tell you more than a thousand words. There is a picture of a kid outstretched on a huge elongated live oak tree branch. The tree is not alone but surrounded by a multitude of live oak branches. The impression is that he is floating in an ocean of branches. What could be more peaceful?

Whoever designed this website is a genius. There were quotes about dreams taking off, waters that are as therapeutic today as they were centuries ago to just mention a few more. The thoughts and pictures are peaceful, honest, and wise. Perhaps those are the feelings they want people to have when they visit North Carolina? If they are, they did a great job!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

New on ETSY


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Of course, when there is the potential of a hurricane striking, it isn't a laughing matter. Obviously before it does, nerves rattle and eyes are watchful for the storm's trajectory. Fortunately, most people in the eastern Caribbean are breathing a sigh of relief since it seems Earl will take a more northwest path, which will minimize its effect in Puerto Rico. However, Puerto Rico is certainly not the only place that will be affected. The northern Leeward Islands will actually receive hurricane force winds and 3 to 5 inches of rain. You may see the latest advisory for your area here. I hope everyone will be safe and come out well after this hurricane passes.

To break some of the tension my niece, who is an excellent writer, had plenty of puns related to Earl that she posted on Facebook, and I couldn't resist quoting here.
"ClEARLy...we don't want EARL to arrive EARLy. Still, Puerto Ricans are fEARLess, so we're going out in masses, so we're not caught gEARLess... and it isn't moving... "linEARLy." All of which made me laugh.

If on a more serious note you want to have the latest and hopefully most accurate information on the tropics, go to NOAA weather service and see the latest update for yourself.

Lake Mills Park in Seminole County


You drive Route 50 towards Bithlo and you think you have seen it all. Well, recently on one of my ventures to pick up a clock from Freecycle here in Orlando, I had to go up Chuluota Road to a subdivision in Seminole County. If I had known then how far away it was going to be, truthfully I would not have gone, but what I discovered made the trip worthwhile. I certainly got my clock which I now have in my classroom, but what I discovered was some of Old Florida.

In these parts, there is nothing more beautiful. Century old live oak trees, covered with Spanish Moss, lichen, and ferns, cows grazing peacefully in a a meadow of lush green grasses, and a county park. Nothing was expected, and everything delighted me.

I didn't go into the park because it had just closed, but now I know the way. I hope to explore sometime, even if it is just to drive through. Here in Florida, it seems hard to find those places that still have all those old oak trees, and it was so nice to find them only 15 miles away rather than the 250 I usually travel up to South Carolina. Lake Mills Park, definitely will be worth the drive.
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