Sunday, July 18, 2010

Driving Across Michigan

Beautiful day for driving. We left Holland at about nine thirty and drove straight pass Lansing and got on Interstate 69 to head towards Flint. It was almost twelve noon there and we made an uneventful stop at a McDonald's and had some lunch.

What I was quietly thinking was about how lovely the scenery is during the summer. The area is full of lush vegetation, the fields are filled with row upon row of growing cornstalks which are already growing cobs. Then there were fields of soy, and some lovely golden fields where something else had grown and others were golden because there were grasses that would later be collected and bound in hay stacks. I saw rivers, soft rolling hills, a multitude of red barns, gray barns, green barns, some aluminum barns, and a good share of old rusty barns. All of which have a story to tell and a history to share. The old Red, White, and Blue was often seen and photographed as well as many Oaks, Maples, Birches, Douglas Firs, and Blue Spruce. I even caught a glimpse of a road named Elba!! It's been a fun day, and I am getting accustomed to having family around, and it's so good.

Well, got to go and get some sleep here in Sarnia, because we have a full day of roads in Canada before we stop in Niagara for a few and then to Penfield. What a wonderful summer, and what wonderful daughters, and family. Dios los bendiga! Love you very much!


Lil said...

A fun filled weekend, for sure! Loved the time with your Family and being outside together. Thank You for including Holland in your vacation plans for Summer 2010.

Elba said...

Thank you so much for having us!! We all had a great time! Muchas, muchas gracias y Dios te bendiga!