Friday, August 22, 2008

Surprise Time Capsule

See note below:

Very funny experience. I'm reupholstering my love seat and sofa. Just getting brave, and just
knowing that if I do it, it will cost less, and I am confident it will
come out right. I went to JoAnne Fabrics and they have tons, well not
tons, but at least fifteen to twenty books on how to re and/or upholster your furniture and how to make slipcovers. I skimmed through several books and really took mental notes about what I need to do. I think I can do this; so that is my weekend project. I know it will be more like two
weekends, but here goes.

As I began my project, I started to tuck some of the cloth into the loveseat's back and sides where of course I ran into some dirt and small items like paper clips and pen caps. Then I started to press firmly to see what else I would discover. Other than the occasional nickel and dime, and the expected dust and grime, I came across a Phillips head screw driver, a stainless steel fork, a tire gauge, a mint still in its wrapper, and a souvenir from London.

The souvenir was a slim plastic box of regal chocolates from our family trip to England: King Henry the Eighth with his six wives. I always wondered where they had gone to. This souvenir was purchased during the first leg of our trip to Europe in 1998 or was 1997?! Of course they aren't edible but they look pretty nice in their wrappings even after 11 years!

Even more remote was another surprise: a picture of my ex husband dedicated to my son on May 11, 1991. The picture was in perfect condition but the ink on the back was sorely faded. So Juan Daniel, that's where the picture went to.

To think I have been sitting on a time capsule all this time. I wonder what other fascinating things are hidden away in the rest of my furniture? (And in your furniture?) That is really big thinking, but I will concern myself today with maybe my sofa bed. I haven't really checked it really well. Actually, I don't think I will find anything there since it is a sofa bed and most things just fall to the ground or on the folded mattress itself. I just have to say, finding these things just made me laugh. I dug deep to see if maybe I could find the diamond that fell out of my ring, but alas, it wasn't there. Maybe some other day.

The whole thing just makes me smile.

Note: Pardon the garbled script but even though I tried several times to correct it, it just wouldn't.
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Ana said...

Ha! The trip to Europe was in 1997. I know because the summer of 1998 I was getting married and we went the summer before.

I once found a watch I lost while breastfeeding Arwen, 2 years later.

Elba said...

Ha! The saga of the sofa hidden treasures! I know there must be many more stories out there.

I knew you would be the one to confirm the date.;)