Washing Hairbrushes

Did you know that hairbrushes need a shampoo once in a while?  When I see my hair brushes getting grungy I know it's time.  So when I noticed there was a layer of hair and some dust I did what I needed to do.  I gathered up my hair brushes and put them in some warm water and added some of my shampoo.  I let them sit for a minute or two and then grabbed a comb and began to remove the hair from the brushes.  I find the hair is more manageable when wet.   I threw it all away, of course.  Then if the brush seemed dirty in the center I used another brush to clean it by scrubbing the other brush against it.   Next, I emptied the sink.  You will find that your brushes might catch dirt as well.  So I refilled the sink and rewashed slightly and rinsed.  Then I put my almost back to new brushes to air dry.  Quite happy with the results. 


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