Picking up shells

I've been picking up shells for a long time.  I have some shells that I have kept with me in cans, plastic bags, and pasta jars.  Some have been with me since my twenties so it has been a long time.  Some I have mixed with sand and had them on top of a refrigerator and others I kept at my desk to remind me there was beauty outside those four walls. 
Recently though I was using these unique shells as a backdrop for some pictures of sea glass jewelry I was making.  As I picked each shell I was reminded in a sense why I had chosen each one.  They had curious designs better than any fabric I could purchase and hues with combinations only a great artist could make. Some shimmered while others told  stories. What a beautiful world we live in!
Then I was reminded that this was the material sand was made of and that was what the Lord used to keep track of his thoughts about me---about you. Yes,  that is how much he loves us, more than all the grains of sand on the beach.  We can't count the grains of sand but He can and his love never ends.
If you want to know Him and his love email me and I will point the way.  God bless.


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