I like a messy drawer that is not quite perfect

I Like a Messy Drawer

I like a messy drawer
and a toolbox within easy reach
as well as a freshly made bed in the morning.

I like my tea with honey, and 
some flavored cream
I like to leave my flip flops in the living room 
when I come in

I like to write, paint, and sing
sometimes off key 
to my chagrin!

I like make up, laughter and crackers
whole wheat, please
and I like soft blankets and 
babies and their right to sing.

I like fresh air, car rides, 
shade and more shade on a hot day
the sound of the ocean and 
the crashing of waves

I like finding a nickle on the floor
or under my pillow 
I like unexpected kisses
and a call from a distant friend

I like FB friends that call me 
nena, chica, y querida amiga
I like people to expect the best of me
to not be biased by past mistakes

They believe in me.  
That an innocent remark
was made in love but maybe 
I don't know how to make this work.

So yeah
I like to pray 
I like roosters on my drives
I like enormous long lasting rainbows
Rainbows close and even those far away
Those in the morning 
and those in the evening when I am about to go home.

I like colors on flowers
I like colors on butterflies
and lines
I like that God loves me
and every hour.  

and I like you! 
You with your crinkled nose
like me, 
you with your extended arms running to me, 
you smiling the biggest smile while sitting on the hammock.
Yeah, I love you, too.

                                                                            By Elba Vazquez Morales

God bless and have a good day! 


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