Bloosoms around Maunabo

Barrio Emajagua, Maunabo. The road that leads to Villas del Faro is a treasure trove of beauty.  There is one lovely lavendar bush that I have yet to learn it's name.  But soon and very soon I hope to find it out.  As for the remaining pictures on this post I was happy to find the name of this tree with streaming tiny pink flowers.  It is the Cassia tree, specifically the Cassia grande, often called the Pink Shower Cassia or Coral Shower Tree.  Where I was driving they were having a spectacular bloom up and down the road and in the hill sides.  They were breathtaking really.  What is funny about these trees is that they have the scrawniest trunks.  They look like a bunch of twisted skinny sticks all bunched together and often hosting a big ball of a "comejen" , which is a type of termite.  Throughout the year these "wild" trees which grow everywhere simply provide shade and oxygen.  Of course that is enough but then comes SPRING and they take out their gala clothes and the whole world seems transformed.  I am so glad I captured these shots because the bloom I understand does not last long but internet pictures are forever!  Some what.

Where did I find my information?  First I consulted my reliable book Tropical Trees by Dorothy and Bob Hargreaves.  Then I continued online at the GRIN Taxonormy for Plants at


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