Thank God for Sundays

Thank God for Sundays
Blue Skys
Gentle Breezes
True Friends
Dogs with wagging tails
and frisky runs thinking they are horses

Thank God for cluttered cards
discovered in a dusty box
full of love
Thank you for the Bible verses
that lift people up and shakes them off
and puts us in a better place

Thank God for hope
and all of your promises
that we know that are sure
a place in heaven
a name in the book of life
no more tears
no more wars
no more suffering

But now what about today?
Yes, thank you for coming
thank you for showing us that
you are the way, the truth, and the life
and that you set us free
to live with more kindness,
gentleness, and faith

Thank you that you are
the living
not the stagnant water
that we can drink daily
and face each day with new strength so
we can be ready for the
wonderful things around the corner
those amazing surprises
that only you can put together.

Thank God for Sabbath, for Sunday,
for everyday.
Lord open our eyes.


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