Let None Be Wasted or Picking up Beads

This morning, I finally got around to picking up some beads that had fallen out of a bead case.  It wasn't  a task to which I was looking forward.  Why, you might ask? Well, for starters they had fallen on the carpet and some were under a shelf with only enough space for my hand to get under.  That meant I had to get down on the floor to do this.  In addition, these beads were multicolored, white, blue, turquoise, and some were transparent being made out of glass.  Some were bulky, one centimeter in width while others were a fraction of that.  Adding to the mix was the fact that other things were on the carpet as well.  I wanted to actually vacuum the carpet but I didn't want to lose the beads in the process.  So I was in a dilemma.  Should I simply vacuum and dispose of these lovely beads which I could use to
make a lovely necklace or embroider on a dress or blouse, or should I bend down and pick them up?

I chose to bend down. As I did, I swept up the first twenty, using a thin cardstock flyer from JoAnne Fabrics I had gotten in the mail bending it in the middle and sending the first set of beads into a Ball mason jar.  Then I took to picking up the beads with my fingers especially the more colorful or glassy ones that were easily visible.  I knew there were more.

A thought went through my head. "Let none be wasted." Then I realized this was a metaphor.  I passed my hand over the carpet closing my eyes, relying only on my sense of touch.  Yes, I knew the thick carpet was going to roughen my hands or perhaps exfoliate them.  Take your pick. It didn't matter.  I was on a mission.  Then I looked in places further from where the majority were located.  I found some.  Then I lifted up items that could be hiding more beads, such as a book on the floor or a pedestal next to my night stand.  I was right, there were two or three there nestled underneath it.  I looked at the foot of my bookshelf and I found some deep turquoise and emerald green beads there too, glistening as I picked them up.  I went to the edge of the carpet close to the floor board and there, too,  I found a couple.  Another sweep of the hand helped me to detect some few remaining beads tucked between the strands of carpet.  A miniscule white one that will look pretty on my necklace or on the hem of his garment.

In all, I collected at least 75 to a hundred beads.  I am going to take a final look before I come with the vacuum cleaner.

"Let none be wasted."


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