Just Minding my Own Business

Driving home after having been held back at work because of a conversation with a friend, I encountered more traffic than I expected.  I found myself on the last stretch of the busy Curry Ford road.  It was the last curve before reaching Alafaya, where there is a turning lane on the left to go to the strip mall where the Walmart Neighborhood store is located.  On the right is the entrance to the Bank of America.  Well, a man in a faded red Lumina decides he wants to risk killing himself and someone else by making a reckless U turn into oncoming traffic without stopping to guage if he had time to do so. After screeching on the brakes and blaring my horn,  I survived.  In what seemed like an eternity, he pulled his car into the far left turning lane and he slowly pulled his car to the front.  I pulled my forward on the middle lane. I observed him long enough to notice that he was an older man perhaps in his mid forties or fifties with his sweaty long hair tied back in a rubber band. Life was cheap for him.  I guess that was his thrill ride for the day.

It made me think. What did I do wrong? You might be thinking, it was his fault, but I think I was going too fast. I better slow down.  I knew I was running a little late to let my dog out, but the hurry was not worth it.   I was going pretty fast around that somewhat blind curve. He was being casually or perhaps deliberately careless.  I was going too fast. A perfect combination for a crash.  He could have cared less as he calmly took a drag from his cigarette.


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