A Clever Quote and How Asparagus May Help Lower Blood Pressure

I was reading an interesting article on research by Japanese scientists whose preliminary studies show that eating asparagus lowered the blood pressure of rats. Darn these people were using rats for their study now that I think about it.  Can you imagine that? 

     Here is a link to the article: 

                                      Asparagus Helps Lower Blood Pressure (At Least In Rats)

Anyway, I really enjoyed how the author Joe Palca ended his article with this quote, "In fact, for the treatment of high blood pressure, this could be the dawning of the age of asparagus."  More than just sounding nice, this is an allusion to a very popular stage production quite famous during the seventies, The Age of Aquarius.  In the play there was a song lyric that said " this is the dawining of the Age of Aquarius."   We sang this line over and over again. You had to be there.


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