Tunnel Park on Lake Michigan

This Thanksgiving Break I had the wonderful opportunity to visit 5 states.  I drove through Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and then fly to Michigan. Not an easy feat!

When I finally got to Michigan, I had just finished driving home from Camden, arrived at 10:45 P.M. to only catch four hours of sleep and then hop on a plane and fly to MI the next morning.  Once there, I was so tired, I would doze off in the middle of a conversation, something I never do.  The next day, my daughter, son-in-law, and I drove to Holland to stay with his wonderful family and one day while the weather was a chilly 50 degrees (Florida standards) I strolled out to see Lake Michigan.  I could not ignore that since it was only about 500 yards away.  I was not disappointed. The pictures testify to that as you can see.

Another thing you might be wondering is about that last picture, right?  What did that have to do with my trip? Well, the day after Thanksgiving, my daughters and Lil,  also ventured out on Black Friday to a Joanne Fabrics.  When we got outside it started to blow and then snow started falling with so much energy. So in the span of a week, I got to see fall weather,  vibrant leaves, as well as, snow! What were the chances of that?

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