I Don't Understand

My readership has taken a dramatic drop, and I don't understand it. Whereas I had about fifteen to twenty readers come and check out my blog, it stopped. It was around the time I started to check my google stats and changed the blogs design. On Sitemeter I noticed a huge increase of visits from Mountain View. The google stats say I have a huge amount of page views yet neither sitemeter nor feedjit record it. What is going on? I just rearranged my blogs design back to a simpler version which shows feedjit, maybe something will change. At least I hope so.


Mountain View is where the Google headquarters are located. If the sitemeter nor feedjit are measuring it, it's probably that they were from bots that map the internet for Google's search engine. They aren't real people, just robots.
Elba said…
Umm, gotcha. Gracias.

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