Space X

As many of you know, Space X is a new space exploration and navigation company that is trying to send a rocket up to the International Space Station where Expedition 31 is now manning the ISS. Actually, new is a misnomer since Space X has been launching rockets since 2012. If you go to the Space X website you can actually see videos and pictures of previous launches and rockets including demos of the Falcon and their Launch Manifest with scheduled flights and launches scheduled up to 2017.

On the International Space Station, one of the members of the crew is NASA Flight Specialist Joe Acaba who had commented that they were awaiting the arrival of the cargo from Space X to bring supplies and to attempt that docking which would be a first for Space X, etc. That launch was brushed just a minute before launching when there was a malfunction. News came out of Space X via NASA on Facebook that the next attempt will be Tuesday at three forty four in the morning!

Why the exclamation mark? Simple. Those of us who live in Central Florida like to get a good night's sleep but some things come with the territory. Oops I just remembered... it is not going to be a problem! It is when a shuttle lands that there is sonic boom. There shouldn't be a sonic boom since it is flying over and not landing. Of course there will still be some excitement if you live in the Titusville area since the launch will be a night one and seeing the flaming fuel streaking the sky is always a sight to behold.

God speed Space X and happy docking!

Okay, take off all you want! A link to Space X is as follows and get all the latest information.


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