Orzo as a Salad

It was delicious. Yesterday, I went to my friends' house to go swimming and then for a late lunch. We had an Orzo salad and Tortilla Española. It was the perfect balance, the tortilla had a little salt with the chorizo or Spanish sausage while the orzo had lots of spice and veggies. For the orzo salad, we boiled some Barilla orzo which had been seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil for about seven to eight minutes. Then we added cherry tomatoes cut in half, green and red peppers, slightly blanched carrots cut into small bits, and these green pepperon peppers. These last ones, though spicy were not extremely hot, and made for an added zest to the salad. We finished the salad with some olive oil and the salad was refreshing and delicious.

It was my first experience with orzo as the basis for a salad and I really enjoyed it. Running out to buy some.


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