Jasmine and Oleander

 I glanced at some pink oleander waving in the wind beckoning me to go out and fetch.  So I did.  I am so fortunate to have a tall Oleander bush growing in the back of my yard in a secluded corner.  The wind was blowing and it was the very end of the day, so Ginger and I ventured out quickly.  She bounded out happily since I had only been home for an hour.  For her this was a real treat. It turned out to be a treat for both of us. I cut the flowers and then as I did my neighbor approached the fence to talk and I gave her some of my Jasmine which she admired so much. She was surprised, but I thought I had so much.  A whole fence full from top to bottom.  We chatted and caught up for a while and then I finished getting my Jasmine.   Now they grace my table and brighten the house.  Between today's Jasmine and yesterday's  Gardenias that I brought home from a friend's house, their fragrance fill the air. Thought I would share my bounty.  Happy indeed.
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