3.8 Earthquake in Southern California

It made the news, but what surprised me about the online article by CNN was that it focused entirely on the small temblor that occured today but did not give further information of any nearby earthquakes earlier in the week.   The United States Geological Survey (USGS) site has helpful information which details that a series of earthquakes have taken place on the fault line but which cross the border into Baja California.  Please see the illustration at the link to see that there have been several earthquakes in Baja California ranging from 2.7 to a maximum of 4.1.  Most of these earthquakes range from a depth of 0.2  to 13.5 miles in depth. One of the earthquakes, the 4.1 occured at a depth of only 0.2 miles in depth.  Could this one have to do with drilling or is someone deliberately trying to shake things up? Gives you a reason to dig deeper.  No pun intended.


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