3.1 Earthquake in San Juan Urban Area 2/4/12

I appreciate the work of the Puerto Rico Seismic Network (PRSN), don't get me wrong but they don't put up Earthquake information for Puerto Rico as I would like. Today there was an earthquake in the San Juan metropolitan area and if you go to the PRSN for short, you will not see it on their list. Where will you find it? The answer is in the larger United States Geological Survey (USGS) website. This omission is absurd since the Puerto Rico Seismic Network is the same one providing the USGS with the information!

Frankly, I think the PRSN should adopt the same cut off standard as the USGS. They report any earthquake of 2.5 and up in the National category. In other words, any earthquakes of 2.5 pertaining to any US State, Territory, or Commonwealth have their minor earthquakes reported.
Since the USGS is already doing it, the PRSN, being a smaller operation should concentrate on the region it is serving, namely the Caribbean Basin. Any earthquakes of 2.5 ocurring in the Greater and Minor Antilles and surrounding waters should be listed.

How many people would like to know of the seismic activities happening on their property and backyard? The answer is obvious. Frankly, I think we have a right to know and I think it goes against the mission of the PRSN not to report these low-moderate earthquakes because its mission is to keep people better informed about seismic activity, otherwise they wouldn't have a Facebook page giving people advice on how to prepare for an earthquake and resulting tsunamis.

See today's information about the 3.1 earthquake in the San Juan Metropolitan Area in Puerto Rico, not reported in the Puerto Rico Seismic Network but in the USGS. I think the PRSN is doing a fine job, I just think it should share.


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