Extraordinarily Loud and Extremely Close

On Facebook I wrote,"Outrageously Deep and Profoundly Moving," as my opinion, but one line doesn't do it justice. Whoever wrote that script is a genius. This story of a frail boy who loses his father in the World Trade Center is more than just the story of a frail boy who loses his father. It is the story of a city which has lost many fathers and sons, mothers and daughters and of a nation that is still grieving and needs to be healed. Yet it is the story of grief of one frail boy who loses his beloved father and how a community made up of many individuals comes to a mother's aid to help her son heal. It is a story of divine intervention and grace. It is about a mother declaring that death doesn't make sense and that evil is always behind death. And it is so.

Try to make sense of it. That is the healing. The boy goes on a quest and then the healing begins.

So well done and so clever. I know that I agree with the father, Tom Hanks, when he says, "I am too slow or of a simple mind, " something to that effect, so don't quote me on it, basically saying he can't catch it all. This movie appeals to the super intelligent as well as to beauty of the heart. It mirrors the city of New York with its complexity, diversity, and angst. If I have ever seen an Oscar quality film, this is it.

Need I say, if you get a chance to see it, Go. And never stop looking.


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