Out and about and Rambling a little

Today has been the only day I haven't been out and about and that suits me just fine. It seems I am just like that EverReady Bunny going, going, going. Not that I am complaining because I have been having a great time. The Winter Park Farmer's Market two weekends in a row is a rare thing and a treat. I managed to get an Extra Large Iced Tea at the Lemonade, Tea, and Arnold Palmer drink stand, which has the best iced tea and handmade Lemonade ever, and certified by my granddaughters who happen to be very picky and delightful.

So. I went two weeks in a row because one of those granddaughters wanted their grandma who paints, that is what she calls me, well sort of, "the painting grandma" to be precise, to fetch a very particular jam at the market, F.R.O.G. jam. What is that you might ask? It is figs, raspberry, orange, and ginger, actually, and of course I had to buy some for myself, and I must say, it is delicious. It is made by Ginger, a very nice African American lady who has been at the W.P. Farmer's Market for years, across from the Kettle Corn, next to the Ivy Plants and Pots, and near the Central Florida oranges and grapefruit. I could go on and on about the market, because it is one of my favorite places in the whole world, but I won't.

I thought of taking Ginger, my beagle, with me but I had to make a stop in Costco, first, and I just could not bear leaving her in the car, so I left her at home. Ginger has never been fond of car trips. My trip to South Carolina in October showed me that when she whined, screamed, a dog scream, yelped, cajoled, cried, howled, and hollered all the way home. I mean for hours, until I raised the back seat so she could no longer see me, and only then did she go to sleep. By then I was getting tired, and I needed for her to start howling and barking to keep me awake but you can't have it both ways, so I let her sleep and kept my self busy, in other ways that I will not get into now, since it will serve no purpose, but the fact is, I stayed awake and made it home. Anyway does this sound like stream of consciousness a little bit, because I am rambling on...

Back to what I have been doing. Just getting things done and that is my way of relaxing on the weekend. I try to put some order around me, so I can function. I put up some Christmas lights outside which are modest but tell the world I love Christmas, and I am celebrating Christ's birth. I also put up a manger inside next to some cypress branches I got at the W.P.F.M. (of course), instead of a Christmas tree and they actually smell pretty nice. I redid a Christmas centerpiece, which I plan to place on the center of my dining room table, once I finish this piece. I also did a funny thing. Since I am not buying a big beautiful Christmas tree, I decorated the top part of my artificial one and placed it on a table next to the sofa in cute little bucket. Ginger keeps stealing the little stuffed Christmas Tweety Bird I have underneath it. Oh well. Could you just imagine what she would do to my little stuffed animal collection and decorations if I had a big tree? So I said let's not and say we did. Not really. She is trying to pull down...nope, I am not going there. I have to quit complaining.

So there, I have been shopping a little, a very tiny bit, and got my hair done, cleaned the carpets, myself, put up Christmas lights, made arrangements, wrapped some presents, and still have to decorate a Christmas wreath, well because that is what I do, and later fiddle with bows, ribbons, pine cones, and soft ornaments, and look at shoppers to get ideas, since those are free. Ideas, I mean.

I love Christmas. I love Jesus, Yeshua Ha Machiah, the Messiah, the King of Kings. And not to sound sacrilegious, I love the weather, too. It is a good time to talk to friends and make up with those that I have ticked off one way or another. So I am rambling. I do that sometimes, and sometimes I think it is funny to do it, ramble that is. Ticking people off happens, too. I hope all of you are happy today and can laugh with me and enjoy this season. Life is not perfect but God loves us anyway and deeply, too.

God bless you, today, where ever you need it most.


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