Never Waste a Word

I wrote a letter to a talented artist friend of mine who majored in art at college and is now teaching Math.

Wanted to share two websites with you: is where you can set up a shop and put your work up for a small fee. You will need to take good digital pictures, a little bit of time, determination and a little bit of patience. You can do this and I can walk you through this sometime if you would like.

The other website, maybe two, that I like to do my online shopping and always waiting for no shipping costs is Cheap Joe's Art Supplies is an art mecca and they hold week long workshops with reknown artists from around the world but mostly the US. What I like about the website is that the owner Joe Miller has a section in which he talks about his studio, new gadgets for painting, and has videos showing you how to use them. He has such a down to earth attitude about him that it is easy to learn with him. All of this for free!

By the way, it was at Cheap Joes in Boone, North Carolina, that I went to take a week long art course. It was wonderful. At Boone, I took my class with Carol Cooper and she was so versatile. I learned so much and much of what I do I learned from her. I have a book by her which I could bring sometime.

Another website is Blick art supplies...good sight to check out and just keep up to date on stuff.

Well, that is it for now. Happy painting!


Maybe this information is meant for you...Happy Painting to you, too.


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