Twirling Leaves, Cold Fronts, and Day Light Savings

What do all of these three have in common? Why this weekend, that is what. Times are changing. People might swear the seasons don't change in Florida, but that is just not so. Seasons change but very slowly... and fall has been long overdue here. I have noticed the big Sycamore tree across the street with its big wide yellow green leaves turning first to yellow and then to a crisp cracking brown. Unfortunately they do not turn a bright orange or a happy yellow. Nevertheless that is still a sign of fall. While walking Ginger I have made a surprising discovery, not on a tree but on the ground. There is a tall tree still completely green except for one or two turning leaves that as soon as they start turning are falling to the ground. To my surprise these leaves are combinations of reds and yellows, or green with streaks of gold, or reds with orange and green. Each leaf seems to be a microcosm of a forest. So as I go on my morning circuit, I'm finding fall and taking it home.

Incidentally, the wind has picked up with a little nip and cooler weather is being blown down by that old North Wind promising a cooler weekend and some swirling leaves. In addition, we will finally get that one extra hour of sleep when Day Light Savings is over this year on November 5th. I am really looking forward to all that, aren't you?


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