Training Miss Ginger

My a destroying machine. Fortunately for me she does not like shoes, but anything made out of paper is fair game, especially just before nap time. I put her to sleep in the evening around seven thirty to eight. Today it had to be eight. I had just collected some newspapers that were still in their plastic wrapper since I had gone out of town this past weekend. Feeling it was safe to go on the web for a few minutes when I noticed that Ginger had gotten into mischief. When I looked, she had gotten ahold of a perfume sample that had fallen out of one of the newspapers and had torn it to shreds. She had already chewed on a strand of St. Augustine grass she had picked up when I walked her, chewed on some big ole cardboard tube from Joanne Fabrics, then chewed on some of my clothes for a few minutes, chewed on her dinner, chewed on a cloth napkin, chewed the corner of the rug, chewed, and chewed and chewed. You get the picture, a chewing machine. So when she chewed on the perfume sample, that was the last straw. It was time for a nap. That is when I put her in her crate and she simply calms down and takes a nap! So this is the moment I am enjoying right now; that quiet time. So hurray for naps for chewy dogs.


Yep, beagles are monster chewers. You should make her a chew toy out of a folded up length of cotton fabric tied in a thick knot. They are cheap, and it should help direct the activity to something less harmful.

Directions copied from

Time Needed: 1 to 5 minutes!

Supplies: Cloth or fabric

*Cut a strip of fabric
*Tie a knot in the middle of the strip of fabric
*Keep tying a knot until you cant anymore
*Cut off the extra fabric that isn't in a knot
*You have made a GIANT KNOT!!! Now give it to your dog!

Note To Dog Owners: The smaller the dog the smaller the strip for these tough dog chew toys...the larger the dog the larger the strip should be!
Elba said…
Excellent idea!

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