Steve Jobs leaves Apple as a Legacy

A staunch PC user for as long as I can remember, and never really being able to afford an Apple computer, I thought I would never have one. If you have ever considered buying one you know they are considerably more expensive than regular PC and now the super economical notebooks. When my Toshiba laptop which I had bought at rock bottom prices at a Walmart store started going bad, I relied on my techie daughter's help to get it fixed. That PC certainly was adequate for a time but when it failed me again and again and again, my daughters decided to replace my old Toshiba with ab Apple laptop. I was shocked. It was such an extravagant gift and one that propelled me into the 21 century.

Which takes me to Steve Jobs... he died today at the age of 55. It is a sad day indeed and he will be sorely missed. His brave batte with cancer made him even more admirable . There is so much more, but what makes him even more admirable was not his money but how he fought this terrible illness. May he rest in peace.


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