Why Keep a Pet?

They are a joy and pain in the neck all bundled together. If you are single they supply some affection and annoyance that we all need. I say this laughing...we all need something to break the monotony of the routine. We also need something to build patience because when you are single you can get so set in your ways that there is no room for change and how will you accept someone into your life if you are not used to change in your own?

Talking about annoyances, Ginger is still being toilet trained and I could write a book about how bothersome that is or the Rollercoaster Ride of Toilet Training, but no...I just discovered another problem. I like going to the back yard in the evenings and enjoying the cooler temperatures, listening to the birds, stretching out, and sitting under the shade with a nice cup of iced tea. It is a lovely time where I can read a book and relax. Ginger can run around in circles, get her exercise, poop, and occasionally come around to wag her tail when not finding something curious to chase among the periwinkle. That is not the problem! She has taken to digging holes and eating DIRT!!!! In fact she will eat dirt, grass, twigs, leaves, poop, anything! Not only is this annoying but I assume she is eating a couple of parasites as well. Anyway, if you all have any suggestions of how to get her to stop eating dirt, which is my primary concern, all your ideas are welcome.


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