Saying Goodbye to Another Friend

I just realized Mesha is up in heaven with Pup. It is a consolation. She was a character that loved to startle me running out from behind a hidden spot to rush right in front of me...of course she was bored to death after spending the whole day indoors. Of all her quirks that was the only thing that ever really bothered me about her. The rest of her mistakes and accidents all came from being ill. She was the most patient of creatures and I really didn't deserve her. For example, she never bothered me when I was painting. In fact she would sit quietly in the hallway while I painted easily for hours in my studio while she perched calmly or napped. Recently, she had changed her meowing schedule to when I was finished with Ginger, to then scratch on the glass door for me to feed and give her a little attention. What a sweetheart. Other times she was great entertainment. She loved to smell the flowers. She enjoyed looking up curiously at birds, and chase every lizard no matter that they weren't attractive. In fact last week she left one skinny black one next to the glass sliding door for me as a gift.

About six months ago she got a urinary track infection that just wouldn't go away. Treatment after treatment, did nothing for her and she just didn't get better and two days ago, I was out in the backyard with her and Ginger. She loved relaxing out there but I could see her suffering, and I had had enough. Enough strength to say that was enough for her. I couldn't bear seeing her suffering like this anymore. So I made the hard decision to put her down.

I know it was the best and she is no longer suffering. I just didn't know it would hurt so much. I miss her. May she rest in peace.

I always said I wasn't a cat person, but she never believed me.

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