Tune in Radio

Recently, I was trying to find a radio station where I could listen to live radio coverage of the passing of then Tropical Storm Irene over Puerto Rico, when I remembered that Radio Rock a Christian Radio Station in San Juan recommended a Tune in Radio app for Smart phones and the internet. This is how it works: you go to the website, you download the free app to your phone and then you can choose to listen to a live streaming of radio station some where in the world. The app arranges the radio stations by continents. After you choose a continent, it allows you to choose a region, and then a specific country. So for Puerto Rico, I had to choose North America, then the Caribbean Islands, then I chose Puerto Rico from among at least 20 other islands or nations. Once in Puerto Rico I had over 20 radio stations that I could choose from including Wapa Radio, Noti Uno, Radio Rock, Radio Redentor, and Sal Soul. Let's say I get homesick and want to listen to music from home, where ever home may be this is all I have to do. Good Lord I guess if I knew Arabic I could listen to a station in Iraq, or if I knew French I could feasibly listen to what is happening in Paris. Knowing English, I could pick up stations in Australia or New Zealand.

I think it is fantastic. Something like a short wave radio without the scratchy sound or having to buy a radio. I think it is really neat. Thought everybody would like to know.


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