A Monster on my Footsteps

Irene is about 175 miles away from Orlando right now but we are having squally blustery winds and weather from the storm. They, the weathermen said we weren't supposed to get any but there it is pouring rain overflowing the drain pipes and a howling winds lashing the trees back and forth. I just won't be comfortable until that pitbull of a storm moves away into open waters. Don't want to send it to South Carolina either where my friends are either. I don't want it to go to New York even less where my daughter and granddaughters are at. Please Lord just don't let it hit land. Of course Thy Will be done on earth as it is in heaven. If at all possible keep the bad weather off shore and away from us! Amen.

Hope this is the worse of it. Hurricane weather just brings bad memories of the time several years ago, 2004, to be precise when a caravan of hurricanes barged through Florida. Never again please.


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