Shopping at the Drugstore Today

"Good morning," I said to the attendant behind the photograph machine.

"How may I help you?"

"I need an ink cartridge for Canon Model 250?"

"We don't have that."

"Can you fill them?"


"Which models for Canon do you have?"

"210 and 211."

"The 211 is the one I need." You see he hadn't bother to check which cartridge went with the model. So he was a little embarrassed.

"Do you have recycled ones?

"Have you ever done that here before?

Wait he didn't answer my question. "I'm sorry but you didn't answer my question. You responded with a question." This is where I was wrong and said that was not proper.

He finally said, no they didn't have recycled ones and he could not refill it either. My choice was to buy a 28 dollar new one.

So he ended well finally being patient and telling me Office Max would give me a three dollar discount on my purchase.

Sometimes shopping can be so tedious, can't it?


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