I should be grateful

Went to the grocery store and bought some fruits, including some bananas and peaches. But I am spoiled. Spoiled like my son who went to Italy this summer and pizza back home is nothing in comparison to the pizzas in the mom and pop shops around any corner in Italy. I am spoiled by South Carolina peaches.

What will the first bite taste like of this grocery store staple? I was careful not to buy my peaches without the semi orange and yellow tightly coloring the stem, just like the experts recommend and not too soft to be mushy and not too hard to be green. So here's is my first bite. A disappointment, sure it tastes good, but it isn't ooey gooey sweetness dripping down the side of your chin to quickly wipe off neatly with a paper towel or napkin. No, South Carolina peaches have spoiled peaches for me for life.

I had a stash of SC peaches in the refrigerator waiting for me when I got back from Puerto Rico with only one or two going bad leaving me with about 8 peaches, eating one dutifully a day. What a treat, but alas, they are all gone. It happens to all of us, doesn't it? Harvest comes and harvest goes. Thank goodness for new days and next year.

Got to be grateful.


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