A ledge, a bra, and a bike

Things happen...I thought of going on a walk after having a busy day and finding a way to add some exercise to my day after a nice Barbeque. So I asked "Is anyone interested in going on a walk with Grandma?" Well, not surprised at all, my granddaughter Zee said she was. As I went outside to join her, my daughter asked if it were a problem if Zee went on her bike and I said "not at all." Then Ana offered me her bike. Even though I found it too narrow and the seat too high, I agreed to ride it. The seat was adjusted, but as I tested it out, it felt wobbly but as I gained confidence as I pedaled forward, I decided I wanted to ride around the circle to be sure. I expressed that but my granddaughter didn't quite register what I was going to do. I looked ahead and there was a small ledge right in front of me at the end of the driveway, and I slowed down. By then, Zee caught up with me and thinking I was going to turn right, wanted to go along side of me. It was an awkward moment. Not wanting to crash into her, I put on the brakes. Suddenly, the tires screeched, I lurched forward, lost my balance, and slammed to the side.

It was the longest second. I could recall other falls and how injured I had been before and I didn't want that to happen again. How could I prevent a colossal injury? I had to decide how I wanted to fall, knowing that a wrong choice could mean a broken bone...It is amazing how the brain works...I chose to take some of the blow on the palm of my hand and on its side, some on my arm all the while hoping and waiting to see if my bone would not snap, and some on my side. I had already taken some of the impact on my back, as I lurched forward when the comfortable seat jammed against the small of my back, but slightly. As I landed I had not taken into account how the underwire on my bra would also jab on my rib and my heart. That was painful.

Once on the ground, what I did next was wait...gather my thoughts and raise myself up to a sitting position. Get my bearings.

Ana was holding her hand out to me to help me up, but I refused. I said, to give me time. What if I should lose my balance? I thought to myself. That could be worse. She pulled the bicycle away from me, I remember vaguely, then when I sure all was clear I turned on my knees which were intact, but as I pressed down on my palm to push upward a shot of pain went through my hand. I checked out my hand and could already see it swelling.

What we did next made all the difference. After showing Zee the damage of the fall, we went inside and we put ice to my side and to my hand. I rotated where I placed the ice since I also felt a throb on my shoulder and arm. To the ice, we added ibuprophen. I laid down on the sofa, saw a good movie, and rested the rest of the evening. Everything we did has made a huge difference on how I feel today. I was able to have a great night's sleep without pain on my side and was able to breathe without pain.

Ice and rest is the key...and that's my story.

I think I will walk next time...


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