45 Minutes

Forty five minutes of delay time. Forty five minutes of prayer, interlaced with Bible verses, holding on tight during our roller coaster ride in the sky. Peace remarkably, and reading my novel, Over a Worn Torn Sky, ironically. Forty five minutes also included communicating in writing every thing that was happening to a deaf man sitting next to me. He was calm, but can you imagine, not being able to hear the updates the captain was sharing about our situation? That was my experience coming home from Rochester.

The pilot made an initial attempt to land when suddenly, the rain and wind began to pour and he had to turn the plane upwards, retract the landing gear, and start climbing. That was eerie.

Thoughts cross your mind. Will I see my children again? I can do all things through Christ who gives me strenghth. I will never leave thee nor forsake you...I AM right here with you. You are not alone.

Forty-five minutes of circling that led to a series of delays which dominoed as we flew over the ocean and in and out of clouds, finally landing. I wanted to applaud, but held back. He gave us a scare. Doesn't he know Central Florida? This happens every afternoon in the summer. Well mostly.

More minutes. We waited in queue for a gate, then for ground personel, who had taken shelter from the inclement weather, to be able to come out to guide the plane in.

Those final delays were nothing in the grand scheme of things. We had landed safely! Everything else seemed ordinary, mundane, and routine. I like routine!

Check out the weather report for about six o'clock


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