Squirrels in the Attic

Squirrels in the attic
Dancing a little jig
Squirrels in the attic
Something has got to give
A branch that over hangs
becomes a route to enter in
A bent back flashing
A sign you've moved in
Got to route some mean resources
1/4 inch metal mesh
expanding foam congealing
to stop you in your tracks and
perhaps stop your little jig
Squirrels in the attic
Something's got to give
Lord help me get rid of them
before they become a


Ali said…
Ooo I'd like a squirrel! They are so cute with their little hands and bushy tails... We just have possums here. Which I guess are pretty cute too :)

Elba said…
They are cute but in my roof they can chew a wire, and whoof we have a fire!

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