Humane Treatment of Squirrels

I can tell you right now after sealing two eaves to prevent squirrels from entering my roof, I am not cut out for this job. Alas, someone has to do it! The alternative was a whopping two thousand dollars, and that my friend is out of the question. I had Wildlife Solutions place one of their exclusion traps at an eave that had been forced open by squirrels, but that meant that all the remaining eaves had to be sealed and secured. I couldn't afford to pay the company to do that. I thought it over and decided I would try to do it myself.

Each eave would cost from one hundred to two hundred dollars and I did them for under ten plus a huge amount of bravery. First I had to lower my extension ladder from its nestled nook in the garage. Then extend it and climb up to the roof. No, I am a bit of a coward, I must admit so I didn't get on the roof. I don't plan to do that unless I have someone around. I can wait a couple of days to tackle the vents that are on the roof but today I was able to secure two eaves which were close to the edge of the roof line. It doesn't look pretty, but then again this isn't a beauty contest. This is all out war with a rodent, perhaps two. I can't afford to lose.

What was involved? Well, I purchased metal mesh of 1/4 inch 23 gauge. Then I purchased insulating foam sealant, Great Stuff: Big Gap Filler for gaps larger than an inch. Thinking my kitchen shears would be too weak, I opted for my branch shears. They cut through the metal almost like butter, sending my confidence level up a couple of notches. It was then I realized, I could do this.

If I hadn't said it before, I prayed and prayed and prayed through out the whole process. I know I wouldn't have been able to do it without God's encouragement and help. I prayed for safety as I lowered this ten foot unwieldy ladder from a height of seven feet. I prayed as I debated should I go up? I prayed for protection as I balanced the ladder on the uneven soil and took each step up the ladder. Now finally I thank God. It doesn't look pretty, but it doesn't look ugly either. It looks repaired and sealed.

Sealed I like. No squirrels, rats or other creatures scurrying in or out. That is good enough for me. Yes, sirree, that is good enough for me!


Anonymous said…
Way to go, Elba! Impressive home maintenance there for sure! You "done good, girl".
Smiling with you. :)
/ Lil
Elba said…
Thank you Lil... a couple more gaps and cracks, and I will be all done. Hopefully I will be able to catch the little varmint, I mean squirrel alive. Alive would be nice.

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