Mas Nacimientos Queridos


Feliz dia de Reyes!
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Anonymous said…
We have so enjoyed our "new holiday" (Jan. 6) that has come into our lives since our PR trip in 2001. Rosita had introduced it to us earlier, I think...but it really took hold after we made our first visit to S.J. Since then I "collected" a few different 3 Kings sets... but our favorites are those that we purchased in PR. What a wonderful way to keep the focus on "the gift". We are also celebrating tomorrow with our church family -- they have a cake made with the baby Jesus inside! Thank You for sharing your photos--- what beautiful "functional art". So many talented craftspeople. / Lil
Elba said…
I would love to see your nacimientos or creches some day... I am so glad you are enjoying this part of Christmas and it is more focused on Jesus, our Messiah.

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