Is the Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

Today I had the opportunity to sit with some ladies, when we had a lunch break during a school workshop. The conversation was an eye opener. I was so reminded about how blessed I have been throughout the years. First there was the topic of having babies. One lady mentioned that she only had one child because she endured a 36 hour labor, the next lady was single but she coached her sister through an 18 hour labor and ended up with wrists that were sore for over six weeks. My longest labor lasted 9 hours, and my shortest two and a half. I would do it all over again, when I think of the wonderful children I have.

Then they talked about houses. Houses in this economy. So one mentioned that her property values had gone down over 150,000 dollars and they felt bound to the house but are paying over 2,000 dollars on their mortgage. The other lady, felt burdened with hers, after her divorce and struggled to make ends meet. She hated the drudgery. I have my struggles but God has been so good to me. I've made adjustments, cut cable, limited excess spending, quit using the dryer, turned off the fans, etc. It's not easy, but I am grateful I have a home. When I think of all the people who don't have a job and would love the opportunity to have a home and to take over the drudgery of mowing the lawn, paying homeowners, etc., I just thank God.

Then they talked about children. Children making bad choices. My kids. I didn't want to start bragging about them. I love them. I bless them. I pray God leads them everyday, closer and closer to Him.

Don't get me wrong, I was empathetic about their situations. I felt their pain and frustration, but it would lessen, if they would back away for a moment and looked at it from another perspective. They have bills but we have a job to pay our expenses. They have a home, but they could be homeless. They have children; they might have never had them. So all in all, we can see the cup half empty or half full. My life isn't perfect, but my cup is full and I thank God for the reminder today of his goodness throughout all my years.

How about you?


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