Getting to Canada


We were about to cross into Canada from Port Huron and then crossed the bridge into Canada where we stopped for the night in Sarnia. We had a lovely visit with Chris' mother, MaryAnne. It was a real treat for Chris to spend the night there since the next day was his birthday. MaryAnne treated him to a special surprise, a birthday cake she had made herself in the shape of a puppy which was reminisce of the ones she would make for her children when they were little. It was a very sweet and thoughtful of her and it made all of us happy. My granddaughters were delighted, too.

That night Ana, the girls and I spent it at a Best Western near the river, and to our surprise there was a concert going on that night. Fortunately for us we didn't hear a thing in our bedroom. We only saw the crowds happily going to the concert but no problems at all.
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