Gardeners Have Hope


They believe in the future. They plant a seed and expect it to grow. That is hope. Well, I had been planting at the worst time. The sun was blaringly hot. It had been a month of non stop unbearable 95 degree temperatures with heat indexes in the prohibited numbers of 105 and up. And I planted and planted. I planted green peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, plantains, sunflowers, impatiens, and nasturtiums.

Then I waited. I didn't have to wait too long and things started pushing their way out of the ground. Next, I transplanted them in the soil on the ground getting my nails blackened with the rich moist earth. They were planted in a secluded partially shaded area of the back yard. I am happy to report that most of what I planted is doing well. I am actually expecting to get some tomatoes this year, and eventually some plantains or bananas. My, my, my, bananas in my own backyard! That is almost unheard of.

Next I am going to transplant some crepe myrtles I got from Freecycle. Some people were moving out and they were so kind. So now I have 4 crepe myrtles. I also have three bush seedlings from a yellow flowered bush that I have in my front yard. Smaller than the yellow elder tree, but with the same flowers. I have all of a sudden gotten this green thumb.

So I am a gardener and I have hope. Hope that honey bees will come to pollinate my flowers and if not bees bumble bees. Hope that I will be able to share of my wealth of plants, fruits, and vegetables. Hope that some day my back yard will cease being simply a backyard and will become a garden where I can walk a trail, find a bench and read a book in the fragrance and shade of a lovely tree and blossoming flowers. I will let you know how they continue to grow. I have hope!
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Lil said…
Aaaahh ... gardens are beautiful examples of the marvel of God's creation. A little tiny seed -- can yield such great results. Green is beautiful.
Thank you for your blog-- it always makes me smile.
Elba said…
Thank you for coming to read. You have lovely garden. Hope your flowers are blooming. How has the weather been these days?

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