First Day of School, Middle School that is!

Whew! Not a minute to catch your breath. It is almost a non-stop schedule and my poor bones will try to keep up but frankly it's not that easy anymore. I am going to try my best though.

Expectancy is reflected off the brightly waxed floors.
Everything is wiped down.
The white board with a detailed lesson plan
copied off the common board.
Handouts piled high like froth,
then the bell rings
the kids arrive.
Schedules delivered.
First Period comes next
a list a mile long of explanations, elaborations, clarifications,
kids drumming their fingers, and more of the same.
Next period, new procedures,
lunch prices, and then the bell.
Free for a period, converse with team members, so far so good.
I just want to put my feet up!
It's fourth, more Language Arts, more explanations, elaborations, clarifications,
kids drumming their fingers,
fidgety girls twirl their hair,
some kid cracks a joke,
I tell them I understand they have heard it before,
but some things have changed,
There are some students who never heard this before.

Yet there is that one child who really wants the attention of a home schooled student in a public school. He has a comment for everything I say which makes me realize he is listening to my every word. Oh no, already on the first day! I point out that he has asked for TLC or Tender Loving Care which translates into DAT or direct attention from the teacher and I have already learned his name. He will now sit directly in front of me. I am not quite sure which intervention did it or was it the succession but he settled down. Fast.

Lunch, came and went in a wink. Then fifth study skills on Discipline, then sixth with questionnaires, and finally seventh with a K-W-L chart on what they had learned. Finally, seventh came being the advanced. Smart, excited, and good natured, a delight with which to end the day. And just when we thought we could catch our breath, the buses were backed up. We had to keep the bus riders just a little longer. Just a little longer to see who they were, these eighth graders who mostly don't fit into their seats. These eighth graders who want to be so big. These eighth graders who have so much to learn and a whole life to live.

I'm looking forward to this year. Yes I am!


Lil said…
Sounds like a really busy schedule!

How have the last couple days gone?
Elba said…
Been a bit tired, but it has been good. I love the kids.

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