Periwinkle: Flower of the Day

This flower grows in my backyard as well as in many low maintenance places around town. It is a perennial here in Florida and only requires some trimming of the undergrowth. If it gets too big it can harbor snakes as in the case of my backyard. Last year I saw a black racer zigzag out of the back of my periwinkle bush into the neighbor's yard. Apparently, this viper did this more than once back and forth and the neighbors did their best to be rid of it. In fact, they overstepped and tried to kill it in my yard. I saw the markings of a hoe, and perhaps some hacking of the bush. Not a problem, because they were basically doing what I was hesitant of doing myself! The truth is, I haven't seen that racer again. They must have gotten it.

Anyway the bush is high again, and I saw a stubborn chubby black snake the other day in the front yard. Please don't tell me that was a Water Moccasin! Black racers I can deal with, but Water Moccasins, well that is another story. Water Moccasins not only stand their ground but they are aggressive. Time to check on my machete and have a hoe close by.
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