I just don't understand

How can an island with over 3 million people, measuring only 75 by 25 miles more or less,(when I wrote this I knew the measurements were off, so I put more or less and sure enough someone knew the right measurements)* not recycle? How is this possible? With space so limited, how is it possible that nothing is being done? When I think that these recycled materials: aluminum cans, plastics of all shapes and sizes, etc. could be kept out of a landfill and that new jobs could be created with this material that would be reused, I just can't figure this out! Why hasn't the government done something to get this rolling? When I lived in Guaynabo eons ago, we voluntarily recycled our cans and plastics once a week and my children also participated. I felt so good doing it, but now nothing! This is just not right!

Como es posible Puerto Rico?

* "Just a brief private note to tell you that Puerto Rico is 100 x 35 but this is only the main island. If you add the rest of the smaller islands that form our "archipiealago" then it is around 118 x 42." Gracias, Sarah!!!


Anonymous said…
A correction to the correction: the total area (which includes the dimensions of all the smaller islands that are part of our dear Puerto Rico) is 188 x 42 :) svm

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