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Summer fashion in Maunabo, Puerto Rico.
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June 27th, 2010

Playa de Maunabo, Puerto Rico

After family left, I decided to go to the beach below…
As the dark trail opened to the beach
I discovered:

Terracota sand,
thundering waves,
enough people to feel safe but not crowded,
a bird hopping away on the beach flustered by my clicking camera

Then a solitary pelican hovering over the lime colored fronds of coconut palms.

What can be better?

Two succeeding pelicans
cruising perfectly side by side over el “palmar,”
into the sunset.
It’s so beautiful.

Then I sit down to reflect
and enjoy the constant ebb
and flow
of the waves
and the quietness

Apprehensive over the approaching knats
its almost time to go
when a cheerful bright yellow crab
popped its head out of the sand,
unexpectedly. I wasn’t ready and it
quickly hid away.

“God please let him come out again!”
but no praying or coaxing could get this
taciturn crab out again.

Only tiny blanched ones appeared
one by one. I waited and waited,
but no, it would not yield.

As I walked down the beach,
I washed the heavy sand off my feet
with the foamy waves and
looked carefully at
the beach vines when to my surprise
a cute yellow unabashed crab poised for my camera
Its minute black eyes looking up at me,
How unusual!
How like God to answer my prayer in an
unpredictable way, beyond my comprehension.

There was more. I walked on,
I saw a Zebra butterfly, then two
fluttering near a branch and then
a third, perfectly still,
getting its wings ready to fly.
Amazing…, just amazing.


Eva de Lourdes said…
I like your shoes.
Elba said…
Gracias, Evie!
Ranne said…
And that looks like a heavenly BLUE sky over Maunabo!! Am I jealous? nah! very happy for your creativity portal this week.
Elba said…
It was beautiful and I know you wore those sand shoes, too. Hope you all are doing wonderful on your sandy beach, too.
Anonymous said…
love this elba!
Elba said…
=)thank you.

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