Fortnum and Mason Tea

Royal Blend, Stronger tea...wonderful. I had the privilege to be reintroduced to this tea on Air Tran... they must have British owners or ones with good taste... the tea is detectable, delectable, and well, one I would like to have everyday.

So I started a search for the tea and discovered you can order it from their Fortnum and Mason online store. I found it is more than a tea shop, it is basically a grocery and curio store with every thing Brit and delicious, including Earl Gray and lavender jellies to mention a few, kitchen utensils, aprons, and wines, plus much more. For now, I am going to limit myself to their teas.

They have several select teas; some are in fact Royal Blends, which in itself is quite the comment. I was surprised they had Summer Teas, which is so logical: Black teas with Strawberry, Apple or Lemon. Humm, they must be heavenly. Being on a limited budget though, for the moment, I was going to buy a small amount, but was shocked that the freight costs were actually more than the product itself, so I really have to rethink my options.

Maybe they have it in Canada? Later this summer I will be traveling through Canada as a short cut to Rochester. Maybe we can find a good store to purchase tea there? If we find a good store, I will let you know. Then of course, I hope I can get a sizable supply. Wouldn't that be grand?

I sound like such a snob, but you know I'm not!!


hampers said…
I find that F&M tea is some of the finest tea I have ever tasted. I love to visit F&M for a high tea on a Sunday afternoon. Its such a nice treat.

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