Bean Bloosom: Flower of the Day

Can you believe how delicate these flowers are? On my last day at Villas del Faro, I went down to a little hill, and sat down on a bench there and enjoyed a quiet breakfast of chopped papaya, and breathed in the beauty around that place. I enjoyed the quiet, the gray and white clouds, the breeze, and the ocean below, each and every one. Then I took some pictures of the flowers and plants that were near by. The palm trees in the prior entry, were taken then, as well as the some that are not pictured here. The bean stalk came next with its lovely flowers with its promising pods, as well as the colorful crotons. I hope to use them to do a painting. There is so much beauty everywhere. We just have to look for it.
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Ranne said…
So happy to see the flowering bean in Puerto Rico. Do you recall my herb garden at THE HAMLET? In the center, on a metal towered armillary, flourished a Puerto Rican flowering bean vine, but have never seen it there:)
Your vacation up north looks wonderful!!

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