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Recently, I had a chance to visit the Viscaya Museum in Miami with my son Juan. Frankly, if there had been more harmony in the decoration I think I would have liked it more. It seemed as if the owner, Mr. Deerling, had decided to make his home a testament to ostentation and a place to warehouse his wealth in costly investments of tapestry and ornaments. The house had lovely floors in most part, even though there were many contrasts. Some of the rooms were named for a particular era from which most of the articles came. Of all the rooms in the house, my favorite was the breakfast upstairs room which was decorated with a Chinese motif which evoked one's use of imagination of a far away land. Could this man have been considered a bit eccentric? The decoration of his house was elaborate to an excess, but his own room was very simple. In his room he had a simple painting of the Madonna and Jesus as a baby, but the rest of the house was void of anything religious.

Outside Mr. Deerling had a concrete galleon built for parties which overlooked the bay. The guests were tranported to the galleon which was 60 feet away by gondola which provided a romantic touch. The statues were not to my liking though, but this was his house and not mine. Aside from some groteque statues, the gardens on the contrary were light, well designed, and full of fountains. If you are a bit eclectic and like to see how the rich and famous squander, I mean invest their money this might be the place for you.
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Lil said…
Just now reading the rest of your post... can you imagine having a breakfast room? it sounds so lovely ...
Elba said…
I liked it. You are coming out of your dreams into a dreamy place. A good transition, but I am sure the clatter of the dishes of the upstairs kitchen helped wake everybody up.

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